Technica Curiosa is the new and exciting hub of a highly-connected family of iconic media brands—brands endowed with rich legacies of world-changing, decades-spanning influence. As such, they are among the world’s most recognized, respected, shared, and deeply read titles. By consistently and creatively tapping into readers’ innate curiosity, imagination, and inventiveness, our brands have in turn inspired the creation of entire industries. No question, the road to innovation is quite literally paved with the content published in these exceptional titles.

 Our tag line is not just a bit of marketing-speak—it’s our passion.

And as we unleash the potential to change the world—every day—you’ll want to be there. Moreover, there are never any firewalls to our digital content. As big believers in the sharing economy, our goal is to build the world’s largest tech-interest audience, and you don’t do that by erecting walls and barriers. Traditional publishers just can’t do that. We can. Our titles may be traditional, but we are not.

Media brands that matter

Our iconic titles have literally changed the world. Take Popular Electronics for example. Just one landmark issue was directly responsible for the creation of the PC industry. Its articles inspired the launches of Microsoft, Apple, and countless others who continue to this day to tell their remarkable Popular Electronics stories. And we are convinced that our best, most influential days are yet ahead. That’s the promise of innovation. And innovation is anything but business as usual. That means we can’t be business as usual, either.

Because we know that innovation comes from connecting non-obvious and disparate dots—and that content is the fuel that feeds innovation—we’ve architected our titles to cross-pollinate big ideas in relevant and stimulating ways. In doing so, we expand the field of view—and include you in it.

As we work to build the world’s largest, connected, and engaged tech-interest constituency, you’ll be plugged in, connected, and engaged as well. That’s where the magic—and the innovation—happens.

To our advertising partners

As the premier destination for technology-driven movers and shakers, we offer a unique opportunity to link your brand to our highly engaging editorial platforms, and in the process, align your brand with an energized audience of active, educated, savvy, and motivated readers. We’re not just a great media platform—we’re a juggernaut of powerhouse brands that inspire minds and move products. We invite you to join us.

By the way . . .

We take our name, Technical Curiosa, from the 17th Century tome compiled by the Jesuit priest, scholar, and scientist Gasper Schott, S.J.—regarded as one of the most learned men of his time—and the originator of the “popular science” genre.

As a source of “much useful knowledge,” Schott’s Technica Curiosa (published in 1666, the year of his death) was a massive and comprehensive compendium of scientific and mechanical technologies that anticipated—and helped bring about—the Scientific Revolution. In its day the book did much to inspire interest in the sciences with its many amusing and fascinating tricks and experiments, including a description of a perpetual motion machine, and even instructions on how to walk on water!

Today, across all our media platforms, we seek to inspire and keep alive that same spirit of awe, wonder—and curiosity—to show that the future ain’t what it used to be: it can be so much more!